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Menu Design

Your menu is your most important sales tool. Is yours making you the most money it can? Have it reviewed today.

Menu Design

A restaurant menu design is a reflection of the restaurant itself. Restaurant menu descriptions, layouts and colors, whether formal, casual or playful, should match your restaurant concept, location or theme.
Ask yourself the following questions:

• How will my restaurant menu be different from everyone else’s?
• What restaurant menu items are similar to my competition?
• Does my restaurant menu pricing match my competition?

Designing a Restaurant Menu Layout
You have scouted the competition and written up a stellar restaurant menu, you need to create the perfect restaurant menu design. This sounds easy enough, but an effective menu design is more than just printing out a list of items on a WordPerfect program. Colors, fonts and borders are all integral parts of an effective menu design.

Renegade Chefs is your answer. We will design your menu giving you options for styles, fonts, colors and themes that simply can not be created on a word processor. We use powerful graphics software and years of experience in menu creating to make your menu stand out. Combined with our menu engineering service, to maximize profits, we will create a winning menu for your establishment.

Recipe Development

Our Classically trained team of chefs will help in the development of signature items for your establishment. Don’t be a trend follower be a trend leader. Whether you want something new or your own version of a classic let us develop a higher standard for your menu.

Recipe Standarization, Costing & Pricing

Upon completion of a winning menu, we prepare all product specifications for purchasing along with standardized recipes for an efficient production system. A product specifications manual is created to facilitate the bidding and selection of purveyors for the major product categories.

The recipes are documented and contained in a three-ring binder for use by management and staff. Recipes consider ease of preparation, simplification of training, maintenance of accepted quality standards, and control of waste. Recipes are costed, taking into account food prices and market conditions in order to price the menus and achieve the items targeted food cost. During this phase we consider the following:

Implementation of the training process for production and preparation personnel
Ease of preparation in order to reduce labor expense and skill requirements of staff
An efficient format for kitchen staff
Maintenance of a specified target raw cost of goods percentage
Control of waste and spoilage in addition to maximizing use of product through effective daily production practices
Efficiency in the use of production and preparation equipment.

Menu Development & Engineering

With Renegade Chef, your menu will take into account all parameters beginning with the market, proposed production capability, service style, product merchandising to plating requirements. In addition to an initial menu for opening, a menu plan is developed that specifies the timing of menu changes due to either seasonal or price influences and include the use of daily specials.