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Concept Development

Renegade Chef’s consulting and design team will develop a general project overview, preliminary project direction, theme, stylistic direction, menu direction, price points, and required support services. We utilize information obtained from meeting with clients concerning their ideas, desires and ambitions for the business.

Based upon these discussions and our analysis of the market, concepts for service style, menu formats and atmosphere will be developed. Many critical operating components are considered for maximum appeal within defined cost limitations. Consideration is given to theme, price points, menu and required support services.

Emphasis is on presentation, entertainment value, quality food, retail sales within the space, and service suitable for the concept. We also complete a basic menu profile to facilitate the planning of the kitchen and storage areas. The information provided from this step will be essential for guiding the interior design and food facilities design process as it will be used to create a description of the intended facility.

The interior design and atmosphere that is created within this space is essential to the financial success and overall image of the business. When all of the elements discussed in this phase are completed, they are organized into a comprehensive presentation to the client. Discussions and recommendations are encouraged and modifications made.

Turnaround & Crisis Management

Renegade Chef specializes in the revitalization of distressed or challenged operations; our comprehensive approach involves all aspects of your establishment, from administrative to operational, identifying specific areas of opportunity and developing efficient and cost effective solutions to maximize margins, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Renegade Chef provides operational and turnaround management services to a diverse group of outlets ranging from quick service restaurants to fine dining establishments

Follow-up Monitoring Services

Renegade Chef can provide follow up services to ensure that your business maintains a course of profitability. Services include operational audits and overviews; cost reviews and monthly financial reporting and analysis. As an integral part of the initial implementation, we can establish a plan to meet with you in subsequent months to critique the operating statements.

In addition, we will provide you with information and recommendations on a continuing basis in the areas of operations, reporting and controls, organization, personnel, and planning. Within these areas, we apply our knowledge, skills, and experience to your specific operation.

During this activity, we actively participate in the implementation of new systems and procedures by becoming members of your management team. Our expertise to implement and adjust the operating systems enables us to make the systems more productive, effective and financially rewarding for you. This service allows you to have a multifaceted management team without adding additional full-time personnel to your staff. This review is designed to provide your organization with expertise in the operation of the food and beverage facilities during the crucial, initial 12-month period following opening. A program is designed to take the policies and procedures developed and implemented in this proposal and monitor them in three ways:

1. Weekly Review: During the first month of operation, we will are in contact with the operation, monitoring all the systems and procedures that we have established. We assist your manager and other management personnel with any problems that can be solved.

2. Monthly Review: Copies of certain management reports established as part of the operating system are forwarded to our offices for review and comment. This procedure begins with the first month of operation.

3. Quarterly Review: Every three months, we make a physical inspection of the food and beverage facilities, review reports and records, and produce a written evaluation of our observations with recommendations of the course of action required. This is particularly important following the initial month where weekly reviews are being conducted.

Development of Operational Systems & Procedures

Renegade Chef will implement guidelines and systems that will promote and enhance an efficient and profitable operation. Management systems which are designed to utilize point-of sale (POS) and other computer systems and any other information available to maximize operational objectives as well as providing timely reporting to owners and principals.

We make recommendations regarding the organization and the management structure of the operation. Administrative policies are documented to provide a basis for efficient and productive management of the facility.

Restaurant Operations Review (ROR)

Renegade Chef will perform an operational review which is designed to evaluate current food and beverage operations for the purpose of uncovering new cost control methods, sales opportunities, sanitation and safety procedures, gaps in the organizational structure and ways to elevate the current level of customer service. We also evaluate current staffing and management performance to optimize operational output.

In order to complete this project, we will spend two to three days on-site with the balance of our time spent in our offices, analyzing the information, documenting our findings, and making recommendations on how to make your operation more organized, efficient and profitable. The collected information is then presented with a written report along with a walk-through presentation of our findings.

Pre-Opening & Opening Services

Renegade Chef will work with you to develop a pre-opening plan for the realization of your establishment. This plan will include a pre-opening schedule, providing a time line of events that must take place up until the time of opening. This plan will assign responsibilities to the individuals participating in the opening. We also create necessary budgets for pre-opening hiring and training, inventories, promotion and marketing, and soft opening as well as grand opening festivities.

Kitchen Equipment Selection:

Renegade Chef will work with you to review the selection of cooking equipment, coolers/freezers, dishwashing machines and exhaust hoods. Our interest is to make sure costs are kept within your capital budget, that materials and finishes are practical from a maintenance standpoint, all permits and health department requirements are achieved and that selections made do not adversely affect the day-to-day operations. An effective and workable control system will be developed for the restaurant.

POS System Selection:

Renegade Chef will advise on point-of-sale systems which will be made to ensure that the control functions are accomplished. We provide a written specification for the system that most suits the project’s needs. We solicit and present proposals from company‚Äôs representative for state-of-the-art systems meeting the requirements of the facility. In addition, we assist in implementing the training of employees on the selected system during pre-opening.

Tabletop & Gadget Selection:

Renegade Chef will work with you to review the selection of furnishings, tabletop service wares, small wares, and cooking utensils. Our interest is to make sure costs are kept within your capital budget, that materials and finishes are practical from a maintenance standpoint, and that selections made do not adversely affect the day-to-day operations.